6 Road Trip Stops on the Kitsap Peninsula

The Kitsap Peninsula has so many things to offer, that the hardest part is choosing your destination. It always depends on what you like to do, so we’ve compiled a list of places and their highlights that may appeal to you. Plug them into your GPS and hop on the road and go.


We’re sure you already know that Poulsbo is considered Little Norway, thanks to the influx of Norwegian settlers, which are celebrated annually during Viking Fest. Things you may not know about Poulsbo is that it is very pet and kid-friendly, or that it was considered a town that feels like Europe according to National Geographic.

The breweries are award winners and the culture is diverse, so Front Street is an intoxicating place to be with the smell of brewing beer and baking bread. Art galleries abound for those who would like a memento of their trip to this bay town. The history museum offers a condensed history of the town and surrounding areas.

So many options await you on the edge of the bay. 


Centrally located Silverdale is home to all of the usual outdoor activities you’d expect from Kitsap Peninsula like hiking, biking and boating. Settled on the banks of Dyes Inlet, it is a destination for swimmers, too. The charm of Silverdale makes it a romantic stopover for those on their honeymoons or a great place for date night. There’s nothing more romantic than dining at night while lights dance on the water. That and fresh seafood on your plate.

The Silverdale Waterfront Park offers pet- and kid-friendly amenities and beach access.

If shopping is your thing, then make the Kitsap Mall a must-do stopover where you’ll find the largest shopping mall outside of the big cities of Seattle and Tacoma.


We’re lucky to have Bremerton in our backyards. When was the last time you headed over and acted like a tourist?

If you said “never”, here are some things that are very touristy about Bremerton:

The Puget Sound Navy Museum is where you can experience what life is like living on a nuclear aircraft carrier or seeing how the Navy uses 3D printers to make spare parts while at sea.

Play a round at the Gold Mountain Golf Club where you’ll play through tree-lined fairways. It’s walking-friendly with little elevation change and home to two courses: Olympic Course and Cascade Course. Finish up your day in the Clubhouse where seating is always panoramic.

Of course, in addition to these tourist things to do, Bremerton hosts trails and parks for every age group.

Gig Harbor

It’s on the water, so water sports and events are a must in Gig Harbor. From paddleboarding to kayaking to boating, if you like water, you’ll love it here.  If you don’t have your own equipment, there are numerous places to rent kayaks and paddleboards.

Chartered cruises will take you through the sound at sunset where you can enjoy a romantic evening on the water with friends and family. For the adventurous soul, there are chartered sailboat cruises with an overnight stay on the boat.


If you’re looking for a scenic drive with an even more scenic endpoint, then Hansville is the destination. From the northern tip of the peninsula, you can see Whidbey Island and Puget Sound. If it’s the right time of the year, you can also see birds and whales. Or the salmon run.

Hansville is the home of the Point No Point lighthouse which is one of the oldest lighthouses on the sound. It is surrounded by parks, beaches and wetlands. There are numerous hikes recommended by the community and those include trails and wildlife viewing stations where you may be able to see eagles, falcons and kingfishers, as well as skunks, deer and weasels.

For those who want more action and less nature, drop into the Point Casino and Hotel where gaming and dining meet up.

Sunset Beach

If you’re looking for a getaway from the usual, hop in the car and head south to Sunset Beach. This picnic and sun-bathing friendly beach offers hiking trails, a play area for the kids and a boat launch. It’s a good place to put your kayak in and head over to the San Juan Islands.

The kids will love exploring the tide pools where they might see urchins and barnacles. Take along a marine field guide and a camera. Step carefully around the pools, as these creatures are very much alive.

A trip to Sunset Beach can be highly educational no matter how old you are.

Before You Go

Like anything else in life, it helps to be prepared before you head off on any journey.

At Kitsap Auto Outlet, we’re here to do our part to make that trip an adventure and not a disaster.

Before leaving, here is a basic checklist of things to do for your vehicle:

  • Clean the headlights – A little bit of toothpaste on a rag can take a lot of dirt and grime off your headlights.
  • Check your fluid levels – Oil, coolant, power steering fluid, wiper fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluids should be checked.
  • Cabin Filter – Make sure that your cabin filter is not sending dirt and dust back into the cabin of your car.
  • Wiper Blades – Make sure the blades are in good shape should you run into a downpour or get caught in snow flurries.
  • Lights – Do all of your turn signals, brakes and running lights work?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to do a pre-trip check, then give us a call. We’ll be happy to check your fluids, do an oil change, check your tires and do anything else you need to get on the road. Our ASE Certified technicians will go over your vehicle for you and recommend any replacement parts you might need. All of our parts are OEM factory parts made from quality components that last.

You might not have time, but we do. Call us or use our online form to schedule an appointment today.